AromaTouch Treatment




doTERRA’s ArōmaTouch Technique is a very gentle massage is given on the back and on the feet with essential oils play. The Aroma Touch is a perfect way to bring mind and body into balance. In this technique, the oils are massaged into the body via the meridians and contacts on the back and feet. In the massage I use eight different essential oils. Each oil has a specific effect on body and mind.

The purpose of the Aroma Touch Technique
  • Improves your well-being by reducing physical and emotional stress
  • Supports the immune system
  • Ensures proper blood flow
  • The essential oils have a cleansing effect on the organs
  • Anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle pain, fybromialgie, rheumatism, gout and muscular dystrophy
  • It promotes the removal of waste
  • Displays energy and a feeling fit
  • Helps the body to hold preventively in good condition
  • And just as important ….. just a moment for yourself

The ArōmaTouch Treatment is also great to combine with a private yoga session

The treatment takes approximately 40 minutes


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